Goose neck grips

This is a remix of an item that I found on . After seeing how it works, I intended to design my own ball and socket from scratch. But you know what? The downloaded design is good enough, and a great time saver. So I just ran with it, and kept making more bits that connect together.

A while ago I downloaded a nifty tripod that prints 4 parts as one piece. What you put on it is up to you. I use it as a mic holder and a webcam holder. The problem with a webcam is that you will eventually want to make it point at some up-and-down angle or be able to adjust the pitch.

Recently I downloaded a reference design for a three piece ball and socket joint. It has a ball part, a socket part , and a threaded ring that holds them together and can be tightened. Again, what you attach to each end is up to you.

With a bit of trial and error I remixed the found joint as a single printable piece. If you print a few of them, you end up with a bendy bone that serves like a goose neck grip.

I print the bones with the cap facing down, wall line count 4, and with supports (which later need a tiny amount of cutting out). They take just over 1 hour to print each.

Keep in mind that this design is not optimized for size or usability, but as a remix it does work well enough to be good enough!