Swirl Vase


These swirl vases hold water, which is important.

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The Swirl vase was made with two finely balanced B├ęzier curves.

Fun facts :

  1. In order to hold water and prevent leaking, the print process is very slow, taking about three days to produce a single vase.

  2. The print process creates ‘charming’ surface artefacts that are visible up close. One of them is called a Z Seam, which is a vertical mark at the place where the print head moves up along the z-axis during printing (see photo of Pearl version). Also the texture is that of extremely fine horizontal grooves, that feels a bit like an old vinyl record surface.

  3. These had been tested to hold water, and passed.

Additional information

Weight .307 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 20 cm

red, black, white, teal, pearl




0.4 mm nozzle, 0.12 mm layer height